Defining what action needs to take place for a call that comes to a specific number is important to get your phone team running efficiently. This ensures that for every phone number your business owns, there is an automated set of actions to ensure customer calls are not missed. 

NOTE: You need to set up Call Actions for every number you own to receive phone calls in them. All numbers you buy   by default are associated with a "Global Queue" and have business hours set as "24*7" for incoming calls. To make changes to this configuration, follow the instructions given below:  

Guide to setting up Call actions

  • Click on Admin > Number > Edit Number/Buy New Number
  • Number: Choose a number you own for which you want to setup a rule.

NOTE: Each number can be associated with a unique set of Call Actions. 

  • Choose business hours for that number

    • Freshcaller lets you add custom business hours or you can select 24x7. 
TIP: Check our article on business hours to learn more about setting up business hours.
  • You can choose from any of the following options, as to what happens during and after business hours —

  1. Send to Call Queue: If you have already set up a call flow, you can choose from the list of existing call queues. In case you have not set up a call queue, click Create New Queue to build your call queue. 

    TIP: Check our library article for more details on creating a call queue

  1. Send to IVR menu: If you choose to send your caller to an IVR menu, select the IVR menu from the list of menus, all the IVR menus that you have configured would appear in the ‘IVR Menu’ drop down box. 

    TIP: If you have not configured an IVR menu, check out our article on Setting up your Interactive Voice Response System

  1. Send to Voicemail: If you have messages created, simply select a message from the Message drop-down box. The selected message will automatically be added to the number as a rule. In case you have not set up voicemail messages, click New Message to create a custom message.

    TIP: You can read more on creating messages in our article — Creating custom messages and greetings.
  2. Hang up: If you choose to hang up, you can select your hang up message from your list of messages and select Save Changes. The selected hang up message will automatically be added to the number as a part of the rule. In case you have not set up a hangup message, click New Message to create a custom hangup message.

  • For outgoing calls, you can select which user/team can use this number from the "Allowed for" section.