When agents or agent groups are busy handling other callers, callers in the queue will have to be routed so an appropriate action can be implemented.

Setting up a call queue

  • Click Admin > Call Flows > New Call Flow > Call Queue

  • Give a name for the queue

  • Choose a message or a greeting you wish to play from your list of saved messages

  • Choose an agent, team, or an external number that will respond to callers


  • In cases where the agent is not answering, choose an appropriate action such as sending to voicemail, hangup etc. You can also set up smart escalations which allows you to assign the call to another call queue if an agent is busy or not answering

  • If the agent is busy, you can place callers in a queue of a desired size (<20) before reaching an agent or a team
    • Turn on the toggle that says Place Caller in Queue (in case you don't want your callers to wait, you can keep this turned off)

    • If the queue exceeds the maximum size you allow, you can route callers to a voicemail, another call queue, or hang up

    • Similarly, you can play a wait message while callers are waiting in queue. Choose a message to be played from your message repository in Freshcaller

    • While callers are moving closer to reaching an agent, you can play their position in queue. Simply turn on the toggle button that says Append Queue Position Message to Wait Message

    • You can have callers placed in the queue for a certain time duration after which you can route them to either the agent or the team’s voicemail, another call queue, or hang up


  • If the agent is offline, choose an appropriate message or call queue you want the calls to be routed to


Rules for call queues

Once your call queues are set up, you can create a new rule in which you can associate a phone number to a specific action.