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Adding Call notes allows you to quickly jot down a call's summary. Notes help you or anyone in your account to get the complete picture of the call. Some benefits of adding call notes are:

  • Capture keynotes about the call during or after the conversation with the customer
  • Search for conversations using specific the call note text
  • Share the notes while transferring calls

You can add call notes during an ongoing conversation or add notes after you end the call.

How to add call notes?

  1. When you make or receive a call, you will see the conversation window:
  2. Add your notes in the Call Notes box. Additionally, you can add Call Tags.
    The notes you add are automatically saved.

Note: When you transfer calls to another agent, the call notes are automatically transferred to the agent along with the phone call. The new agent has the entire context of the current conversation readily available and the customer does not have to repeat the entire problem statement.

How to view call notes?

You can view the added call notes in the following places:

  1. Call Metrics:
    the Go to Call Metrics tab to see the added call notes added during a conversation.
    To view the notes, click on the notes icon. The Search Notes box at the top lets you search for a call with a specific call note text. You can also export the call notes for further analysis.
  2. Conversation Window:
    When you make or receive a call, you can see the calling customer's past conversations in the conversation window along with the call notes added by other agents. You can also use the search conversation notes box to search for the notes.