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Service Level Monitoring is a way to measure your phone team’s efficiency based on the time taken by each agent to answer customer calls. As a business you can set a % target service level and an expected threshold time to answer a call and monitor if your teams meet these standards using Freshcaller.

% Service Level

Answered calls(including transfers) within the threshold number of seconds

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * 100

Total calls that rang to agent/went to call queue - short abandon - voicemails

How to configure your account’s Service Level?

To customize your Service Level console, 

  1. Go to Admin Settings and click on the Service Levels module.

  2. The Service Level tab opens up to a default setting where the

    1. % Service level is set to 80 

    2. The threshold time to answer is set to 30s

  3. These default settings are of the Global service level that applies to your entire call center.

  4. You can also customize the service level targets for each of your call queues.

  5. To set a queue-wise service level, click the New Service level option and fill in the following details:

    1. Queue name

    2. % Service level target

    3. Threshold time to answer

  6. Hit Save and you’ll see the Queue name and its service level listed in the section below the Global service level.

  7. Those queues that don’t have a custom service level, takes the Global service level values by default. 

  8. You can also restore the service level target of a specific call queue by clicking the Reset to global service level button.

  9. All calls to your call queues will be measured based on these targets and can be monitored from the SLM Dashboard.

What is short abandon time? How to set the short abandon time for a call?

Sometimes, your customers might disconnect a call within very few seconds leaving no time for your agent to pick the call. To weed out such calls from being taken into consideration while calculating the service levels, you can set a short abandon time at the number level inside Freshcaller. 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Numbers.

  2. Click the Edit icon and you’ll find the short abandon time at the very end of the edit overlay.

  3. Change the Short Abandon time based on your business’s standard and click Save.  

This way any incoming call that rings for a duration less than the short abandon time will not be taken into account while calculating your Service Level.