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SLM dashboard gives you a clear idea on how your teams/call queues are performing in terms of efficiency. You can see the live update of the service level, average time taken to answer, average wait time, average handle time, average talk time and longest wait time from the dashboard.

SLM metrics to monitor


% Service level

It’s the percentage of calls being answered within a threshold number of seconds.

Average time to answer

The time taken for a call to be answered by an agent starting from the time it rings or enters the wait queue. 

The time spent by a call in navigating an IVR or call queue is not taken into account.

Average wait time

The time that a call spends in a wait queue

Average handle time

The duration of a call from the time it is answered until it’s disconnected 

Longest wait time

The call that has waited the longest in a wait queue

The first fold of the dashboard is split into two sections,

  1. The first section shows the Global service level of your call center against the target % service level that’s expected.

  2. The section to the right gives a breakdown of each call queue’s service level.

  3. The health of your company’s global service level and the individual service level is represented with a score gauge. Let’s say the expected target service level is 85%.

    1. Red : The team/call queue is far from meeting the target service level. In-efficient service level. For ex: % service level is 25.

    2. Orange : The team/call queue is working just okay. Reasonably efficient. For ex: % service level is 57.

    3. Green : The team/call queue has nailed it by matching with the target service level expectations. Highly efficient. For ex: % service level is 100. 

  4. You can also choose to monitor a specific set of call queues with the help of filter drop downs.

    1. Call Queue filter: You can choose a list of queues that you want to monitor from this dropdown 

    2. Time Period filter: You can monitor calls that came in in the Last hour or the whole day(Today) from this dropdown.

How does the SLM dashboard work?

Every time a call comes in to a specific queue, the time to answer the call is compared against the threshold time to answer that has been set by the account’s admin.

Now let’s say a call comes into the US Sales call queue whose

  • % target service level: 90

  • Threshold time to answer is 45 sec

If an agent from the US Sales team picks the call within 45 secs, the service level of the queue increases. If not, it decreases. 

Those calls that aren’t answered within the expected threshold time to answer(SL breached calls) will indicate that the call queue/team is not quick enough and hence inefficient.

  1. This increase or decrease in individual call queues contribute to the overall Global service level.

  2. The dashboard reflects the updated metrics every 5 mins

  3. Short abandoned calls and voicemails are not considered while calculating the service level.

  4. You can use the screencast option to view the SLM metrics in a full screen mode.

  5. You can also click the Edit icon to edit the target service level values when needed.

How can you access all Service breached calls?

All calls that breached the threshold time to answer in each call queue can be filtered out in the call metrics tab.

To view all your service level breached calls,

  1. Go to Call Metrics tab and click on the Filter option.

  2. In the Filters overlay, enable the Service level breached toggle.

  3. Save the changes.

  4. All the calls that breached your service level target gets listed in this view.

  5. You can export this list and analyse these calls and related metrics in detail.

  6. Once you click on export, the .CSV or Excel will the call logs will be shared over an email.

  7. You can also pull out reports related to your service level from the Reports module.