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What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

BYOC enables you to use a phone number provided by an external carrier without losing the functional benefits of Freshcaller. This is different from number porting where the carrier associated with a number is changed. With BYOC, the carrier remains the same and you can retain your number and pricing benefits provided by the carrier. 

When is BYOC useful? 

BYOC is useful when:

  • You wish to utilize the features of Freshcaller without losing your carrier

  • Freshcaller does not have numbers in the regions you operate in 

  • Your existing number cannot be ported into Freshcaller

  • Your local carrier provides better call rates

  • You have an existing contract with your local carrier

How does it work and what are the charges?

You can choose to use BYOC in two ways:

  • Inbound only: Configure the number only for inbound calls. If you use this option, there are no incoming or number charges in Freshcaller. For outgoing calls, calls will be charged as per Freshcaller call rates.
  • Inbound & Outbound: Configure the number for incoming and outgoing calls. If you use this option, there are no additional number or call charges for this number in Freshcaller

Monthly/Yearly license charges depend on your subscribed Freshcaller plan

Call Charges

Freshcaller does not charge for any of your calls if you configure both inbound and outbound BYOC; however, you will still have the following charges:

  • Call Recording charges of $0.003/min are applicable when you choose to record your calls
  • A charge of $0.005/min when supervisors and administrators choose to monitor/barge phone calls
  • A charge of $0.005/min when agents add other team members on conference calls
  • An additional charge of $0.005/min is applicable when agents choose to attend calls on their SIP phones
  • An additional charge of $0.004/min is applicable when you choose to transcribe your voicemails
  • All rates are provided in USD

For instructions on setting up BYOC, refer to How to configure BYOC?