Applicable plans: Blossom, Garden, Estate

What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

BYOC is another addition to the suite of features available in Freshcaller. With BYOC you get to keep the number provided by your local carrier and at the same time utilize the capabilities of Freshcaller. This is different from porting your number in which you change the carrier associated with a number, with BYOC the carrier remains the same but you’d still be able to use the number within Freshcaller. This number appears normally and can be configured as if it was bought within Freshcaller. 

When is BYOC useful? 

BYOC is useful when — 

  • You wish to utilize the features of Freshcaller without losing your carrier

  • Freshcaller does not have numbers in the regions you operate in 

  • Your existing number cannot be ported into Freshcaller

  • Your local carrier provides better call rates

  • You have an existing contract with your local carrier

How does it work?

For every number you wish to use in Freshcaller, we will create a SIP address, think of the SIP address as an email address for your number. For example, if your phone number is " number1 ", your SIP address would be something like SIP address ensures calls arrive to Freshcaller, once received you can route these calls to your desired agents/team. 

How do the call charges work for these numbers? 

Call charges apply differently to BYOC numbers — 

  • Number and incoming call charges depend on your carrier’s pricing 

  • For outgoing calls, calls will be charged as per Freshcaller call rates

  • Monthly/Yearly license charges depend on the Freshcaller plan you have opted for

Please refer to this article to setup BYOC — How to configure BYOC?