To make/receive calls in Freshcaller, you need phone numbers. At Freshcaller, you can not only buy numbers but also port your existing numbers or configure the Bring Your Carrier Feature (BYOC).

The different ways you can get numbers in Freshcaller are:

  1. Purchasing Freshcaller Numbers
    Freshcaller provides local phone numbers from over 90+countries. You can also buy toll-free numbers. You can see the number charges in the Freshcaller product or you can check our pricing page. For instructions on buying a phone number, check Buying a Phone Number.

  2. Porting Numbers
    If you already have phone numbers from an existing telecom provider, you can easily port the numbers instead of buying new numbers. For details, check Porting your existing number.

  3. BYOC
    The BYOC feature in Freshcaller allows you to use a phone number provided by an external carrier without losing the functional benefits of Freshcaller.
    The difference between Number Porting and BYOC is that, with number porting, your number remains the same, but the carrier is changed. However, with BYOC, you can retain your number and the carrier. For more details, see What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

Once you have numbers, you can start making and receiving calls in Freshcaller.