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This article provides detailed information about how to use the Call Metrics section. For a general overview of Call Metrics, refer to Understanding Call Metrics

The primary objective of the Call Metrics section is to give you a detailed overview of all the critical data derived from your inbound and outbound calls. These metrics help you analyze the performance and efficiency of your call center.
The improved Call Metrics section comes with a set of usability and feature improvements that allow you to:

  • View a detailed summary of a call record
  • View details of a child/related call
  • Search metrics using call notes
  • Filter and Export metrics based on your requirements

View Call Details

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account and click on the Call Metrics tab on the left panel. 
  2. To view the details of a call record, click on any column of a call record. When you click on any column, you will see the call details pop-up as follows:

The Call Details section provides all the necessary details you want to know about each call record. This section is split into three parts:

  1. Basic call details: Gives you the basic details, for example, the name of the caller/company/customer, the type of call (inbound or outbound), the call timestamp, the agent who attended the call, the called number, and the timestamp for the call
  2. Call Summary: Gives you the complete summary of a call record that includes:
    • Related Calls (Transferred or callback. See View Related Calls section below for more details)
    • Recording (if recorded)
      Additionally, you can download and delete the recording
    • Call notes (If available)
    • Voicemail transcription (If available)

    • IVR time

    • Queue time

    • Ringing time

    • Wait time

    • Answering speed

    • Talk time

    • Hold time

    • ACW time

    • Handle time

    • Billing time

    • Short abandon

    • Time to answer

    • Time to callback

    • Cost

  3. Integrations: You will see a separate section for each app integration you have with Freshcaller. For example, if you have a Freshdesk and Freshaller integration, click on the Freshdesk tab to see additional options available for that integration. From here, you can directly create a Freshdesk ticket or add the call to an existing ticket.  

For a detailed description of each field/metric, refer to Understanding Call Metrics

Search Using Call Notes

Freshcaller allows you to search for a call record using the call notes added during a conversation.

  1. To search using call notes, enter the call note text in the search bar, and hit the Enter key.The search results display all the call records that have the entered text in the respective call notes.

View Related Calls

With the new and improved Call Metrics section, you can now view the details of a child call with just one click on the call metrics table. A child/related call is added whenever you transfer a call to another agent or when you call back a customer on request. 

  1. When you have a child call as part of a call record, you will see the following icon in the call metrics table. The number represents the number of related calls placed under that call record.
  2. Click on the icon to view the basic information of the related call. For example, if the call was a warm transfer or cold transfer or if the agent called back a customer on request.
    You can also view a detailed summary of the child call in the Call Summary tab. To view the call summary, click on any column of a particular child call.

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