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Note: This app is available on request only for customers who signed up for Freshcaller before April 19, 2023. Please contact support@freshcaller.com or your Customer Success Manager to use this. 

What can you do with this integration?

  1. Make and receive calls using Freshcaller from your Salesforce account. 
  2. All calls made/received via the app are automatically logged as tasks. 
  3. Essential details like Duration, Notes, Timestamp,  Freshcaller call ID are added as part of the task.

Who can set up this integration?

  1. You should have an active Salesforce license. 

  2. You are on one of these Salesforce editions: Essentials, Enterprise, Unlimited. 

    You should have Salesforce admin privileges. 

How to set up the integration?

  1. Reach out to support@freshcaller.com to get access to the managed package of Freshcaller that you need to download inside your Salesforce account. 
  2. Login to your Salesforce account and download the package using the link.

  3. Once the installation is complete, this package will appear inside Setup> Apps> Packaging> Installed Packages. 
  4. To configure how calls from unknown numbers are treated, go to Setup> Custom Code> Custom Metadata Types.
    • For the “FreshcallerSalesforce” package, click on “Manage Records”.
    • Click on “Edit” for the default settings label. 
    • You can choose to auto-create a new record (Contact/Lead/Account) if there is an incoming call from an unknown number.
  5. To make your task section more contextual with information like Call duration, Freshcaller agent, go to Setup> Object and Fields> Object Manager
    • Look for the Task object.
    • In the Task object setup, go to Page Layout.
    • Move the following fields to the Task detail section.
      1. Call Duration (seconds)

      2. Freshcaller agent

      3. Call Result

  6. Add the Freshcaller CTI to other users in your account: 
    • Go to Setup> Call center> Call centers. 
    • Click on Freshcaller CTI> Manage Call Center Users
    • Add all users to whom you want to give access to the Freshcallerapp. 
  7. Now that your app is fully set up, you can launch it from App Launcher at the top left of your Salesforce account.
  8. Select Freshcaller.
  9. Now the app will appear as part of the Utility bar.

How to use the app?

  1. If you have an existing Freshcaller account, click on Sign in. If you haven’t created a Freshcaller account yet, click on Create Account.
  2. To make a call to an existing contact, you can search the contact from within the Freshcaller app.
  3. By clicking on the phone icon, you can make calls directly without having to copy the number.
  4. For all outbound and inbound calls that you handle via the Freshcaller app, a task is added to the corresponding record (Contact/Lead/Account) with essential details like Call duration, Call Notes, Type of call (Outbound/Inbound), Time.

How to configure the app inside Service Cloud?

  1. You can also configure the Freshcaller app for Service Cloud. Go to Setup>App Manager. For Service Console App, click on Edit.
  2. Go to Utility Items>Add Utility Items. Search for Open CTI Softphone. 
  3. Change the label from “Phone” to “Freshcaller”.
  4.  Freshcaller will now open inside your Service console view in the utility bar at the bottom.