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The CRM, sales, and Marketing apps let you manage your sales and marketing activities and also helps in improving your customer relationship. The integration provides seamless access to a caller's data from the installed app within your Frescahller widget.

Agents can instantly access a caller's data during an ongoing call without leaving Freshcaller.

What are the Apps available under this catregory?

The list of apps under this category are:

Click on the links to view the respective app integration page. The page gives you a brief description of the app and also provides the installation steps.

How can you use this app?

Each time you dial or receive a call, Freshcaller searches for the customer information from the installed app based on the caller's phone number or email ID and automatically displays the information inside your Freshcaller widget.

A few customer details that you can access from the app are:

  • Contact name
  • Recent Lead ID/Deal ID/Account id
  • Customer status
  • Company name (in the integrated app)
  • Potential deal size
  • Recent activity 

Additionally, you can add appointments and create a new contact. 

Note that all the call details from Freshcaller, such as call notes, caller ID, call duration, and call type, are automatically sent to the integrated app. 

Use Case: How to integrate and use Agile CRM with Freshcaller?

Let's see a use case on how to install, integrate, and use the Agile CRM app. 

With the Agile CRM app, you can convert each call into potential deals and automate your sales and marketing activities. With this app, you can do the following tasks from within the Freshcaller widget:

  • View customer details from Agile CRM, like a contact name, recent lead id/deal id, customer status, company name, potential deal size, and recent activity
  • Add appointments in Agile CRM without switching between apps
  • Create a new contact in Agile CRM

User Requirements

  • You should have an active Agile CRM account.
  • You should have admin permissions to install and integrate the app.

The Agile CRM app integration includes:

  1. Installing Agile CRM
  2. Viewing Customer Details
  3. Create New Agile CRM Contact
  4. Uninstalling Agile CRM

Installing Agile CRM

  1. Log in to your  account as an admin.
  2. Click on Admin > Apps and search for Agile CRM.
    You can find this app under the CRM, Sales, Marketing category, and click on the app.
    A screenshot of a cell phone

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  3. Click on the Install button and follow the procedure given under the Instructions tab.

Viewing Customer Details

Once you install and integrate Agile CRM, you will see the app's icon inside your Freshcaller widget.

  1.  If customer data is available on Agile CRM, you will see the following notification whenever you dial or receive a call.
    A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generatedYou can view the basic details of the caller in this notification.
  2. Once you answer the call, click on the Agile CRM icon visible on the left corner of the in-conversation widget.
    Here, you can see additional details such as recent deal/lead id, company name, deal size.
    A screenshot of a computer

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  3. Alternatively, if you want to view the contact details directly on Agile CRM, click on the contact name, lead id, or any other contact information.

Create New Agile CRM Contact

When you attend a call, you can generally see the caller's information from the Agile CRM app. However, if no details are available, you can quickly create a new Agile CRM contact within the Freshcaller widget.

  1. Once you attend a call, click on the Agile CRM icon visible in the top-left corner of the in-conversation widget.
    A screenshot of a computer

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  2. Click Create Contact.
  3. Enter the following details in the contact form and click Submit:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Id
    • Phone Number

You can also create a contact directly on the Agile CRM app. If you use this option, the customer’s details such as caller ID, call duration, and Notes from Freshcaller are automatically added to the new contact on Agile CRM.

Uninstalling Agile CRM

To uninstall Agile CRM:

  1. Click on Admin > Apps.
  2. Search for the Agile CRM app. You can also find this under the Installed Apps section.
  3. Click on the settings icon and then click Uninstall.

    A screenshot of a cell phone

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If you want to disable the app without uninstalling, move the slider to turn off the app.