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The routing automation feature allows you to route your callers based on dynamic real-time inputs from external systems (CRMs/Helpdesks) used by your business.

User Requirements for setup

  • The user should have an admin or account admin access 
  • The user should have a basic understanding of creating custom serverless apps on the Freshcaller platform

What is a routing automation call flow?

Routing Automation is an automated call flow that works with serverless custom apps configured in your account and intelligently deflects your incoming calls.

For example, you can automate a call flow to identify your VIP customers with their phone numbers and quickly route them to the most relevant team or agent. This gives your customers an enhanced call experience and also helps in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

What is a Serverless Custom app?

These custom apps are built to address specific requirements of your organization and are installed only on your account. You can use these apps to automate workflows inside your Freshcaller account. The serverless custom apps run in response to backend events that occur in your account, such as the incoming call event. So each time, you receive an incoming call, you can automate your call flows to react in a particular way.

For example, if you run an e-commerce business and your customers call to know their order status or cancel an order, you can automate the call flow to redirect the callers to an IVR. Based on the caller's input, the IVR gives dynamic responses retrieved from the custom app.

Where can you find your custom apps?

The serverless custom apps are built to address specific business requirements and are installed only on your account. You can find these apps under the Apps section in your account.


How does the routing automation call flow work with custom apps?

The routing automation call flow/engine communicates with the custom app via APIs. 

  1. The agent receives an incoming call on the Freshcaller account.
  2. The routing engine sends the function name and the caller's input (received via IVR) to the custom app through a callback method.
  3. The app verifies the caller's input against their database and sends the response to Freshcaller.
  4. Based on this response, you can configure relevant actions to take in the call flow.

In addition to the actions configured in the call flow, the app can also receive variables and pass them to Freshcaller as dynamic messages.

Configuring Routing Automation 

This involves the following steps:

  1. Create and install a serverless custom app
  2. Set up routing automation call flow