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Call tags allow your agents to categorize and label the outcome of each inbound and outbound call for clear visibility. 

For example, if your calls are related to sales, you can use call tags to mark if your customer was interested in a deal or not. Few other use cases where you can use call tags are:

  • Reason for calling  (Product inquiry, complaint)
  • Type of lead (Interested, Bought other product)
  • Type of contact (Invalid number, wrong number)
  • Type of customer (Angry customer, urgent) 
  • Quality of call (Poor quality, network issue) 

Call tags help your entire team to get an overall picture of each call in your account at just one glance. You can also filter and export calls associated with a particular tag. This can be useful when you want to analyze your team's performance or identify areas to improve call efficiency. 

User Requirements: To set up call tags, you must have admin or account admin access.

This article contains the following sections:

Types of Call Tags

Freshcaller offers a list of default call tags that your agents can choose. In addition, you can also create custom call tags that suit your business. 

Default Call Tags:

The list of default tags available are:

  • Interested

  • Not Interested

  • Left message 

  • No response

  • Follow up

  • Invalid number

  • Do not call

  • Complaint

  • Inquiry

Note: You cannot edit or delete a default tag. However, you can disable these tags from appearing as tag suggestions within the in-conversation widget. For details, see Configuring Call Tags.

Custom Tags

In addition to the list of default tags available, you can also create custom tags. For instructions, see the section below.

Configuring Call Tags

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account as admin or account admin.
  2. Go to Admin > Call Tags.
  3. Mandatory Call Tagging: Enable this option to make call tagging mandatory for all calls. This will ensure that your agents do not close the call (in-conversation window) without adding a call tag. 
  4. Default Tags: List of default tags. You can choose to disable the tags you do not wish to see as tag suggestions in the in-conversation widget. To disable a tag, hover over the tag can click disable.
  5. Custom Tags: To add a custom tag, type the text in the field and hit Enter. 
Note: You can create a maximum of 40 custom tags.

Editing and Deleting Custom Tags

  1. To edit a custom tag, select the tag you want to modify and rewrite the text. Once you modify the tag, the change will be updated across all the calls associated with this tag.
  2. To delete a tag, hover over the custom tag and click on the Delete icon.
    Note: Once you delete a tag, the agents will no more see these tags as suggestions while tagging a call. However, all the existing call records that have this tag will still be retained.

Once you create and set up the required call tags, your agents can use these tags during the call conversation. For details, see Using Call Tags.

Using Tags in Freshcaller Reports

Call tags are also available as a filter option in reports. You can add the tag as a metric and filter/drill down the report based on the tags added. 


The following report shows the total number of calls grouped by the call type (completed, abandoned, etc.). You can further drill down this report and view the total number of calls with call tag as Interested.

For instructions on creating a report and applying filters, see Working With Reports.