As an account admin, you can use the billing tab to manage your billing and account settings.

User Requirements: Only an account admin can access the Billing tab.

The various options you can find in the Billing tab are:

Phone CreditsGives the current credit balance in your account. If you do not have enough credits, click on the Add credits option to recharge more credits.
Auro-rechargeEnable this option to automatically recharge your credits every month.

Note: This option is not available in trial period.
CurrencyUse this option to select using your preferred currency. You will be charged in the selected currency whenever you make any payment in Freshcaller. See the Changing Currency below for more details.

Note: This option is available only in trial period.
Free Incoming Call MinutesView the number of free incoming call minutes available in your account.

Note: The free incoming call minutes are not available in Free plan or in trial period.
Subscription PlanView your current subscription plan (highlighted).
  • If you are in the trial plan, subscribe to a paid plan.  For details, see Purchasing a Paid Plan.
  • If you are already using a paid plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan anytime. However, if you are downgrading the plan the changes will be reflected only from the next billing cycle.
Number renewal UsagesCheck the monthly renewal charges for the Freshcaller numbers you purchased. To see the detailed call charges, check the Call Metrics tab.
TimezoneUse this option to change the preferred timezone for your account. This will be set as the default timezone for all your agent's/user's accounts.

Your agents/users can also change the timezone from their Profile Settings page. In that case, the user's timezone preference will have higher precedence. 
Cancel AccountUse this option to cancel your account.
Add CardClick this option to add your debit or credit card details. Your card will be used for license subscriptions, phone credits, number purchases, and other call charges.

Changing Currency

During the trial period, you can choose your preferred currency for all payments that you make in Freshcaller. 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Billing
  2. Click on the Currency option and select your preferred choice.
    Freshcaller supports the following currencies:
    • USD (United States Dollar)
    • INR (Indian Rupee)
    • EUR (Euro) 
    • GBP (Great Britain Pound) 
    • AUD (Australian Dollar) 
    • ZAR (South African Rand)
    • BRL (Brazilian Real )
  3. Once you select the preferred choice, the currency changes under phone credits. You will also see the dollar equivalent of your regional currency. 

  • The currency option is available only during the trial period. 
  • The currency you change is only for your payment option. The number and call rates will still be in US dollar.