Call queues let you manage your inbound calls effectively by routing them to the right agent, team, or external number. Also, if an assigned agent or team is busy or not available to take calls, you can take appropriate fallback actions, such as:

  • Send the caller to voicemail
  • Send the caller to another call queue (smart escalation)
  • Send the caller to agent extension
  • Send the caller to routing automation
  • Placing the caller in a wait queue
  • Hang up 

By default, Freshcaller creates a global call queue for each user account. You can also create any number of call queues that fit your business requirements. For more detailssee Setting up Call Queues

Additionally, call queues have with following capabilities:

  • Smart escalation (Pro+): This option lets you route a caller from one call queue to another call queue if the assigned agent or team is unavailable or busy to take calls. For more details, see Setting Up Smart Escalations.
  • Wait queue (Growth+): Allows you to place callers in the wait queue until an agent is available to take calls again. You can also customize the number of callers in the wait queue as well as the time for which a caller can be in the wait queue. Also, take appropriate actions if the queue size is full or if the waiting time exceeds the maximum duration set. For more details, see Configuring Wait Queues.

Note: Free customers do not have the option to create a new call queue. They only have the global call queue with limited functionality:

  • One call rule (If the call is not answered) 
  • One fallback action (hangup)