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As an agent, you may sometimes want to make or receive calls over a hard phone instead of attending calls on a browser. In such scenarios, you can use the SIP connectivity feature. If your admin enables a SIP connection for you, you can answer or receive customer calls from the SIP phone instead of the browser.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Connecting your SIP phone with Freshcaller
  2. Using SIP phones to make and receive calls

Connecting your SIP phone with Freshcaller

  1. Once your admin activates and enables your SIP connection, you will receive a mail with the following details:

    • Domain URL

    • Login id

    • Password

  2. Use these credentials to configure and install your SIP phone with Freshcaller. Currently, we have tested the SIP feature with the following SIP phones.

    1. POLYCOM 

    2. Bria

    3. Zoiper
      If you are not familiar with the configuration and installation of SIP phones,  contact your IT team.
      Once you successfully configure the SIP settings, you can use SIP phones to make and receive calls.


  1. If you have a specific SIP phone you want to use, drop an email to support@freshcaller.com.
    Generally, the format of the login credentials for most SIP phones is login@domainname.com. But it may vary based on your SIP provider.
  2. The SIP credentials sent to a user are specific to their login only. i.e., one agent can not use another agent's credentials.

Using SIP phones to make and receive calls


Ensure that your browser is open even when you want to attend to calls on your SIP phone. 

NoteWhen your SIP phone is active and your SIP answering status is on (Yes), you can answer and receive calls only from your SIP phone and NOT from your Browser.
  1. After successful SIP activation and connection, all incoming calls to your Freshcaller number are routed to your SIP.

  2. You will see incoming call notifications with a tag that says ‘Ringing on SIP phone on your browser.

  3. Once you pick the call from your SIP phone, the Freshcaller conversation window opens on your browser.

  4. You can use all the on-call functions/features from within the Freshcaller interface even though you attend to a call on your SIP phone:

    • Place the call on hold

    • Transfer your call

    • Take notes

    • Add call tags

    • Add the caller as a contact

    • Record and pause call recording

    • Use the dialpad
      However, to mute or disconnect the call, use your SIP phone’s native mute and end call option.

  5. Each call you receive on your SIP phone is automatically logged and can be viewed in the call metrics section anytime.

SIP settings available to agents

Once your admin activates your SIP phone, and as an agent, you have picked calls at least once using your SIP phone, you can then change your SIP status without depending on your admin. 

  1. Go to your Profile picture > Profile Settings.

  2. From the Receive calls on SIP phone drop-down, select Yes.