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Freshcaller brings you the Voicebot, an AI-powered bot that provides intelligent answers to customer queries. 

With Voicebot, help your customers quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions and transfer them to agents for more complex queries.

The benefits of having a voicebot are:

  • Provides around the clock self-service
  • Gives instant answers
  • Understands customer language
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the hierarchy of complex IVR menu
  • Intelligently deflects calls to an agent


The Smart Answer Voicebot is currently available for Forest customers and is enabled on request.

User Requirements

To set up and configure Voicebot, you must have admin permissions.

Language Support: The voicebot is currently supported only in English.

How does voicebot work?

The Smart Answer Voicebot is designed to understand and process voice input. The voicebot is initiated when a customer calls a Freshcaller number to which you assigned the Smart Answer Call flow. The voicebot's response depends on bot training and rules configured in the voicebot call flow.

When a caller approaches the bot and starts talking, the bot recognizes the words and understands the intent. It quickly searches for relevant answers from the training material or configured knowledge base and if found, responds with the best-matched solutions. However, if the bot does not respond or fails to understand the voice input, it quickly reverts to actions based on the configured call flow rules.

This highly enhances and improves your call center performance and agent productivity.

How to set up your voicebot?

The voicebot setup involves the following steps:

  • Training your voicebot
    A voicebot is designed to answer the most repeated and frequently asked questions. So, voicebot training is nothing but preparing a knowledge base with the most commonly asked questions. The more you train the voicebot, the better is the bot's efficiency and performance.
  • Configure Smart Answer Call Flow
    This call flow allows you to set rules and decide how you want the voicebot to respond based on a few conditions. For example, what should happen if the bot fails to understand the customer's questions or when should the voice transfer the call to an agent.

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