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As an agent, you can now use call tags to label or categorize each inbound or outbound call that you attend. Unlike call notes, which are free-form text, tags are constant values that help you associate a call with a standard outcome. 

For example, you can add call tags to mention if a customer was interested in a sales deal you pitched (interested, not interested), or you can say the emotion of the customer (irate, emergency). You can also add tags to specify why the customer called (product inquiry, escalation). 

With call tags, anyone in your team can quickly get an overview of the call without having to go through the call notes or other metrics. Also, you can easily filter and export calls based on a particular tag.

User Requirements: All Freshcaller users (agents, supervisors, admins, and account admins) can add call tags.

Types of Tags

Freshcaller allows you to add the following types of tags:

  1. Default: List of default tags provided by Freshcaller:
    • Interested

    • Not Interested

    • Left message 

    • No response

    • Follow up

    • Invalid number

    • Do not call

    • Complaint

    • Inquiry

  2. Custom: Tags created by your admin that are specific to your business

Note: Only a  Freshcaller admin or account admin can create, edit, or disable tags. If you are an admin, see Setting Up Call Tags for more details.

To add tags:

You can add tags during an ongoing call conversation.

  1. In the in-conversation widget, click on Add Call Tags.
  2. Type the tag name. When you type the first letter, you will see the list of default and custom tags, starting with the letter you typed.
  3. Select the tag from the list that best describes the purpose of the call and hit Enter. Note that you can add a maximum of 5 tags per call
  4. Once you add the required tags, you can close the in-conversation widget.

Note: If your admin has enabled mandatory call tagging, you cannot close the in-conversation widget without adding tags.

Viewing Tags In Call Metrics Section

The Call Metrics section in Freshcaller lets you view all the tags that are added during a call conversation. Additionally, you can filter and export the calls based on any particular tags associated with the call.

  1. Log in to your Freschaller account and got to the Call Metrics section.
  2. You can view the tags associated with each call under the Call Tags column.
  3. To filter the calls by a particular call tag, click on the Filter option and then select the required tag from the list and click Filter Calls.
  4. To export the call details with associated tags, click on the Export option and enable the Call Tags option.