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The Companies section allows you to create, import, edit, and delete customer companies. When you make or receive a call, the customer's number is automatically saved to the Contacts tab. Additionally, you can associate each contact in your account with a company.

Freshcaller allows you to create individual companies. However, if you already have a list of companies, you can easily import them instead of saving one company at a time.

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.

  2. From the left pane, click Customers>Companies.

  3. Click New Contact > Import Company List.

  4. You can choose to drag and drop the file you wish to upload or browse a file from your computer.
  5. The file you upload should have the following details:

    • Company Name (mandatory)

    • Phone

    • Website

    • Email

  6. If you are not sure about the details to upload, download the ready-to-use .csv template file. The file contains the following columns:

  7. Click Upload.

  8. On successful upload, you will see the following message:

  9. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mail id.
    To see the uploaded companies, refresh the companies page.

  10. If you encounter any error while uploading the file, you will see warnings on why the upload failed.

    For example, if you upload a non-CSV file or if the file does not have the company name, you will see the following error message.
    To see the details of the warning, click Know more. You will also receive the message on your registered mail id. Correct the errors and upload the file again.


  1. You can upload any number of companies.
  2. Make sure the uploaded file has the company name, which is a mandatory field.
  3. You can import any number of contacts. However, ensure the file size is less than 5 MB.