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What is call type?

Each call you make or receive in Freshcaller is categorized based on call types. The Call Metrics section captures the call types and other critical call details to give you real-time visibility.

How is call type useful?

Understanding call types help you analyze your call center's performance and efficiency. For example, if you see many missed/abandoned calls in your account, you can quickly correct your call flow set up to avoid further missed calls. By doing this, you can ensure that your service level targets are always on track. 

What is a no-answer or missed call?

No-answer calls are those that rang for the entire duration without being attended to by your agents. It is indicated by a red slashed arrow, signifying that the customer's call went unanswered by agents.

To easily narrow down calls of a particular type, use the "call type" filter and export options.

The different call types are:

Call Type

InboundIndicates calls completed successfully between an agent and a customer.
Missed Call
Indicates calls not answered by agents. A missed call occurs when you set "Hangup" as the fallback action in your call workflows. For more details, check this article.
InboundIndicates calls that have voicemail messages from customers.
InboundIndicates calls that are blocked from a particular number.

Abandoned (IVR)InboundIndicates calls abandoned by the customer when the IVR message is played.
Abandoned (Call queue)
Indicates calls abandoned by the customer when the welcome message is played in a call queue.
Abandoned (Wait queue)

Indicates calls abandoned by customers when they are routed to the wait queue.
Abandoned (Ringing)

Indicates calls abandoned by customers when the call is ringing to the agents.
Abandoned (Voicemail)

Indicates calls abandoned by customers when your voicemail message is played.
Abandoned (Answer bot)

Indicates calls abandoned by customers even before the voice bot plays the welcome message or without any conversation between customer and bot (both do not speak).
Abandoned (Routing Automation)

Indicates calls abandoned by callers after the call entered the routing automation call flow and the welcome message is played.
Successful Callback

Indicates callback requests successfully completed by agents. A callback request is successful when customers answer the calls returned by agents.
Unsuccessful Callback

Indicates unsuccessful callback requests. A callback request becomes unsuccessful when customers do not answer the calls returned by agents.
QueuedInboundIndicates calls that are currently in the wait queue
Call canceledOutboundIndicates outgoing calls canceled by the agents even before customers could attend.
OutboundIndicates successfully completed outgoing calls.
OutboundIndicates outgoing calls not answered by customers.