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Agents will receive a warning message whenever the call quality is poor. They also have the option to snooze the notification. Plus, admins can get additional analytics on call quality. This helps in notifying agents about call quality issues and understanding why it happened. 

How to enable networking warning messages?

Go to the account settings from the settings tab. Only admins can enable network warning message settings for an account.

Enable the Network warning log setting here. 

Whenever the call quality is poor, a notification pop-ups on the below screen as well as the caller widget. Agents also have the option to snooze this notification. 

After you receive the notification, the below details are shown in the call details section for that specific call:

  • Causes of poor call quality

  • Date and time of the issue

  • Duration for which the network issue happened

  • Whether the agent snoozed the notification or not 

  • Name of the agent who received the notification for the specific call