Admins can limit the number of incoming calls an agent can receive at the same time, such that an agent who is a part of multiple teams receives a limited number of calls at a time. This will help reduce customer wait times and improve agent productivity. 

This feature is available for Freshcaller (Growth, Pro, and Enterprise) customers only. 

How to enable concurrent call management?

Go to account settings. Click on team details and select the team name for which you want to limit the calls. 

Enable the settings to set incoming call limit for the team. Set the maximum number of incoming calls.

The setting is applicable for both the call workflows, including assign calls to the first idle agent as well call all agents simultaneously. Please see the below scenarios:

  1. Assign to the first idle agent: In this case, the call will ring for the most idle agent, further capped by the limit set by concurrent call management. For example, if the concurrent call management is set to one and the agent is part of three call queues, the agent receives only one call at a time. The other two calls will ring to next set of available agents.

  1. Call all agents simultaneously: The call will ring for all the agents simultaneously, further capped by the limit set by concurrent call management.  

For example, if the admin sets the limit for incoming calls for agents as 1 and there are three incoming calls, the first call will ring for all the available agents. Once the call is answered, the next call will ring again for all the available agents.