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The filter options allow you to narrow down your search criteria. With an increasing number of call records in your call center, finding the right data can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. Freshcaller provides smart filter options that help you view and analyze the metrics better. For example, to see all the incoming calls on a particular day, you can use the Time Period and Call Direction filters.


To filter call records:

  1. Click on the Call Metrics tab.
  2. Click on the Filter option on the top right corner of the Call Metrics table.
    The various filter options available are:
    NumbersFilter the calls based on the phone number used for dialing or receiving calls.
    Time Period

    Filter the calls based on the time period. The options are:

    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Custom Range
    Call TypesFilter the calls based on the type of call. The options are:
    • Answered
    • Missed
    • Abandoned
    • Voicemail
    Call TagsFilter the calls based on the tags added during the call.
    Call DirectionView the call metrics based on the call direction. The options are:
    • Incoming
    • Outgoing
    ContactView the call metrics based on the customer name. Enter at least two characters of the contact name to see auto-suggestions.
    AgentsView the call metrics based on the agent who attended the call. Enter at least two characters of the agent name to see auto-suggestions.
    Wait Queue ManagementFilter the calls based on how they are assigned from the live dashboard:
    • Calls manually picked up by supervisor
    • Call manually assigned to agent
    QueuesFilter the calls based on the selected call queues. These are call queues configured in your account.
    TeamsFilter the calls based on the team who attended the call. 
    Business HoursFilter calls based on the business hours configuration. The options are:
    • Within Business Hours
    • Outside Business Hours
    Service Level MonitoringUse the slider to filter calls that breached the service level configured.
  3. Once you select the required filters, click Filter Calls.

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