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Who can access the phone widget?

Agent, Supervisor, Admin and Account Admin 

Exploring the phone widget: 

The phone widget is a handy feature within Freshcaller that enables agents to quickly look up recent calls, search by customer name and dial in numbers with ease. 

From the phone widget you can —

  1. Select the phone number from which you want to place the call, in case you use multiple numbers. Click on the ‘From’ dropdown at the top of the phone widget to change numbers. 

  1. Choose the country code by clicking on the dropdown near the country flag, you can either choose to select a country code from this dropdown or simply search by country name

TIP: If you know the country code, you can directly type in the country code followed by the number you wish to dial, make sure to include + symbol before the country code.

  1. Click on the dial pad button to dial in numbers