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Freshcaller provides real-time call metrics based on your inbound and outbound calls. Use the metrics to gain insights into your business. The call metrics serve as building blocks for analytics and reporting. For example, to analyze an agent's performance, you can create a report with call metrics specific to an agent such as call handle time, ACW, and answering speed answer.

User/Role: All agents, supervisors, admins, and account admins can access the Call Metrics tab.

The Call Metrics tab allows you to:

  • Quickly view the most important call details with just one click
  • Customize and export the required metrics for your analysis 
  • Filter and view metrics based on your requirement
  • Search for call records using the call notes text

For more information, see Using the call metrics tab.

Basic and Advanced Metrics

Freshcaller provides an extensive set of basic and advanced call metrics that provide detailed information about each inbound and outbound call in your call center.

Basic Metrics: Provides the basic details, for example, the name of the caller/company/customer, the type of call (inbound or outbound), the call timestamp, the agent who received or dialed, the called number, and the timestamp of the call.

Advanced Metrics: Provides deeper insights on the performance and operational efficiency of your call center on top of deriving insights from the basic call metrics.

  1. The basic metrics are available to all users irrespective of the subscription plans. However, the advanced metrics are visible only to Garden or Estate customers.
  2. The table in the Call Metrics section displays only a selected set of basic fields. The other basic and advanced metrics are visible in the call summary section or when you export the fields. For details, see Using the call metrics tab and Export and Filter Call Metrics.

Applicable Pricing Plan

Customer Name/Number

The name or number of the customer who dialed or received the call

DirectionIndicates if the call is inbound or outbound.Basic

Assigned to/Agent Name

The agent who handled the call.

In case of a bot call, you will see the call queue name that initiated the bot call.

Related call

Indicates if a call has a subsequent child/related call.
When you transfer or initiate a conference call with another agent, a child call is created.

The blue bubble next to the agent name indicates the number of related calls made. Click on the bubble to view more details. For more information, see Viewing Related Calls.


The Freshcaller phone number used for the call


Billing Duration/Billing Time

The duration for which the call will incur charges

Call TimeThe timestamp of the callBasicAll
Call IDThe unique call reference ID from the database
Parent CallThe unique call reference ID of the parent call in cases where the call was transferred to another agent.BasicAll
Call Type/Call StatusIndicates the status of the call. The different call status/types are:
  • Answered: Calls with a conversation between the customer and the agent (Represented by a green arrow)
  •  Missed: Calls not answered by the agents. (Represented by a red slashed arrow)
  • Abandoned: Calls that were dropped by the caller before an agent answered (Represented by a grey slashed arrow). To see when the call was abandoned, hover over the grey arrow.
  • Voicemail: Calls for which the customer left a voicemail. You can see the voicemail transcript. 
BasicAbandoned call metrics are visible for Forest customers.
Voicemail metrics are visible for Garden, Blossom, and Estate customers
Call Notes The notes an agent enters during or after the conversation. If a call record has notes, you will see a corresponding icon in the call metrics table.BasicAll
Customer CountryThe country from where the customer calledBasicAll

Wait Time

The total time the caller spent before reaching an agent from the time they make the call. This is calculated as:
Wait Time =  IVR time +Wait Queue Time + message playing time + Ringing Time


Handle Time

The overall talk time. This is calculated as:

Handle Time = Talk Time + Hold time + After call work (ACW)



Short Abandon

Indicates if the call was abandoned before the configured Short Abandon time.


Call Cost

The number of phone credits spent on the call

Cost Payable

The amount payable after deducting the free incoming call minutes (if available).

The free incoming call minutes vary based on your subscription plan and the plan is available only in few countries. For more details, see Overview of Free Local Incoming Minutes.

BasicBlossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest
Transfer CountThe number of times a call was transferred.BasicAll
Team NameName of the agent's team who attended the callBasicAll


The recording of the call. You can pause and play the recording as needed. If you have a call recorded, you will see a corresponding call recording icon in the call metrics table.

If you have Freshcaller's Voicebase PCI redaction app in your account, the call recordings will be redacted for any customer's sensitive data. In this case, you will see the redaction icon next to your recordings.

AdvancedBlossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest
Transcription (Voice mail)
The transcribed text of a voicemail recording. If you have a voicemail transcript, you will see a corresponding voicemail transcript icon in the Call Metrics table.AdvancedBlossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest
Bot Transcript
The bot transcript recorded. If a customer called a smart answer enabled number and if the bot responded, you can see the bot transcript using this icon.AdvancedForest (enabled on request)
In Business HoursIndicates if the agent answered the call within the business hoursAdvanced
Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest

IVR time

The time a caller spent on an IVR menu

AdvancedEstate and Forest

Queue time

The time a caller spent in the call queue before reaching an agent

AdvancedEstate and Forest

Ringing time

The time an agent took to pick up the call from the time it started ringing

AdvancedEstate and Forest

Answering speed

The time an agent took to answer a call from the time it rings. Note that this does not include the wait queue time. 

In case of a bot call, this indicates the time the bot took to answer a customer query.

Estate and Forest

Talk Time

The total time that a customer and an agent had the conversation. Note that this does not include the transfer time or hold time.

In case of a bot call, this indicates the total conversation time between the bot and the caller.

Estate and Forest

Hold Time

The total time a call was put on hold

Estate and Forest

ACW Time

The time an agent took to fill in notes, add the details of the call, after a call is over.


Estate and Forest

Time to Answer

The time an agent took to answer a call starting from the time it rings or enters the wait queue. 

Note that this does not include the welcome message and IVR time.

In case of a bot call, this indicates the time the bot takes to answer the customer query.

Estate and Forest
CallbackIndicates if an agent called back a customerAdvancedEstate and Forest
Time to CallbackThe time when the agent called back the customerAdvancedEstate and Forest
Csat Transfer MadeIndicates if the call was transferred for customer satisfaction feedbackAdvancedEstate and Forest
Csat OutcomeThe response (keypress) received from the customerAdvanced
Estate and Forest
Csat TimeThe time the customer spent to give feedback. This is calculated from the time the call is transferred to the CSAT survey until the call disconnectsAdvanced
Estate and Forest
routing automation triggeredIndicates if routing automation call flow was triggered for this call.AdvancedEstate and Forest
automation appThe name of the custom app that was called to trigger routing automation call flow.AdvancedEstate and Forest
routing automation start timeIndicates the time when the call enters the routing automation call flow (the time the welcome message starts playing).AdvancedEstate and Forest
routing automation end timeIndicates the time when the routing automation call flow ended. That is, the time when the call was redirected to fallback options set in the call flow, after getting a response from the custom app or hangup time if the customer ends the call intermediately.AdvancedEstate and Forest
Abandoned TypeTells you the reason for the call abandonment. The Abandoned types are:
  • Abandoned (Ringing)
  • Abandoned (Call Queue)
  • Abandoned (Wait Queue)
  • Abandoned (Ringing)
  • Abandoned (Voicemail)
  • Abandoned (Answer Bot)
  • Abandoned (Routing Automation)

For more information, see Viewing your abandoned call metrics.

Service Level BreachedIndicates if the call breached the service level target.AdvancedForest
Breached ByName of the call queue that breached the service level target.AdvancedForest

In addition to the above metrics, you can also view metrics related to any third-party app integration. For example, if you have a Freshdesk integration, you will see Freshdesk ticket links.

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