Freshcaller comes packed with real-time call performance metrics. Choose to see metrics that your business cares about alongside detailed call logs from the Call Metrics tab.

Before we move to the details of the what each metric means and the list of metrics, let's look at the two categories of metrics available to you.

1. Basic call metrics: These are the simple-to-start with metrics that gives you the basic details of you calls.

2. Advanced call metrics: Whereas, the advanced call metrics give you deeper insights on the performance and operational efficiency of your call center on top of deriving insights from the basic call metrics.

To Remember:
1. You need to be on Freshcaller's Garden plan to be able to use the Advanced call metrics. This Advanced call metrics icon is not visible to a Blossom or Spout user.
2. To access the advanced call metrics, you need to click this icon: rLS53g9BmjPsn8wuqBoKRiavi-41-0ClIQ.png. Choose the metrics that you want to look at for each of your calls. Also remember that you can choose a maximum of 4 advanced metrics at one go.

3. To change the metrics that you want to see against your call records, deselect one of the existing advanced metrics and select the new one.

Basic call metrics:

Advanced call metrics:

You can access the basic or the advanced call metrics by choosing the relevant Freshcaller plans. The following table will help you understand the call metrics available in each plan and what they mean.

Call Metrics
 What each metric means

Basic call metrics

*Available for all Sprout, Blossom and Garden plan users.
Customer Name
Name of the customer who made or received the call
Assigned to
The agent who handled the call
The Freshcaller phone number to which the call was made or received
Wait time

IVR time + Wait queue time

Total time spent by a caller before reaching an agent from the time they make the call
Handle time

Talk time + Hold time + ACW

Overall talk time
Billing time
The duration for which the call will incur charges
The money that was spent on the call
Basic call metrics + Call recording

*Available for all Blossom and Garden plan users.
The recorded call can be accessed from the call metrics tab and the agent can pause and play the recording as needed.

Advanced call metrics

*Available only for Garden plan users.
IVR time

Total time of the call spent on an IVR menu

Queue time
Time spent in call queue before reaching an agent
Ringing time
The time it took for the agent to pick up the call from the moment it started ringing
Answering speed

Time taken to answer(pick) a call

Talk time
The total time that a customer and an agent had a real conversation,i.e they were talking(not transferring the call, putting it on hold, etc.)
Hold time
Time agent put your call on hold.
ACW time

Time taken by an agent to fill in notes, add the details of the call, etc. after a call


How to use the call metrics tab?

As a call center admin or supervisor, you can view all call metrics related to your calls from a single screen. Apart from viewing the metrics listed above, you can also:

1. Search notes: You can search for call metrics based on call notes that your agents have add to their conversations from the search bar that's there right on top of the page above the metrics.

2. Filter your call metrics: To understand your call center operations and call handling logistics better you can also filter all the call records by,

  • Specific phone numbers you own (could be sales, marketing, or support team calls)

  • Time period from which you want to view the call metrics

  • Call types: Answered, Unanswered, Voicemail

    • Answered: Calls with a conversation between the customer and the agent (Represented by a green arrow)

    • Unanswered: Calls not answered by the agents.This includes calls that were abandoned by the customer(After ringing, in queue or during IVR)(Represented by a red slashed arrow)

    • Unanswered with voicemail: Calls for which the customer left a voicemail (Represented by symbol that's similar to infinity)

  • Call direction: Incoming, outgoing

  • Assigned to: Name of the agent who handles the call.

  • Call Queues: Get deeper visibility into the overall call performance for every queue in your call center.

  • Business hours: You can choose to see only those calls that came in during a particular team's/territory's business hours.

Call Transfers

When a call has been transferred to other agents one or more times, you will be able to see it below the call status along with a timestamp and the number of time the call was transferred.

Note: Freshcaller will store all the call logs permanently, so you can access them at all times.