For how long are call logs stored?
Call log of every phone number you own will be will be stored in Freshcaller perpetually. Businesses that follow compliances or have mandatory needs to view this any point can do so. Freshcaller will not delete any logs. Though call logs are stored permanently, you can choose to delete your call recordings and call notes.

Can I view call logs for all the numbers I own?
Yes, you filter and view logs based on various details such as incoming, outgoing and missed calls for specific numbers. View additional call details with Advanced Call Metrics such as talk time, IVR time, hold time, etc. Freshcaller also provides billing or call costs along with call logs. 

How and where are voicemails and call recordings stored?
They are all stored in Freshcaller’s AWS servers. You can choose to download individual call recordings.

Can I download and view these metrics in detail? 
Yes, you can download the call logs based on the filters you choose, and have all the data available to you at any time.