What is an 'abandoned' call?

A call is termed abandoned when a caller disconnects before any conversation is initiated by your phone team. It can happen while they are waiting in your call queue or even listening to your welcome greetings.

Why is it vital to track 'abandoned' calls?

You can tweak your IVR or the entire inbound call flow to ensure that you have the right balance between getting the right context and asking too many questions before routing a call.

Who can track these 'abandoned' calls in Freshcaller?

Supervisors, Administrators, and Account Administrators in Freshcaller can track the real-time abandoned call metrics using the Live dashboard.

Where do I find the abandoned call metrics?

  1. Head to your 'Live Dashboard' page inside your Freshcaller account.
  2. You will find real-time 'STATS' of your call center at the top of the page. Abandoned calls are also listed in this section.

        3. The 'Abandoned' call metrics will be available in the top-right next to the 'Missed' call value. 

        4. Click on the 'Abandoned' call number (red in color) and it will redirect you to your call metrics page with the 'Abandoned' calls filter applied. You can look at all the calls that were abandoned on a particular day.


If your number of abandoned calls is higher than the number of missed calls, try removing an IVR menu from your call flow.