With the Holiday Calendar capability, you can declare certain calendar days holidays by adding them to business hour settings in the admin tab of your Freshcaller dashboard. This ensures that calls during such ‘declared’ holidays are treated similar to those during non-working hours and handled accordingly. For example, if you direct calls during non-business hours to a specific IVR menu, calls received on declared holidays will be diverted to the same IVR menu. 

To add a Holiday Calendar:

1. Click on the Admin icon in the sidebar and then select Business Hours from the displayed list.

2. Select an existing business hour from your dashboard or the New Business Hours button on the right side of the screen, based on the option you would like to add holidays to.  

3. Choose the Add Holidays + button. A pop-up will be displayed on the screen and you can begin entering dates in each row.

4. To add more rows, click the Add Holidays + button on the pop-up. To delete an added holiday, click the icon to the left of the chosen row. 

5. Choose Save once you have added the necessary holidays to the chosen business hour. 

6. The total number of added holidays for the chosen business hour will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Since business hours and holidays can vary based on geography, the Freshcaller dashboard allows you to add a separate holiday calendar for each business hour in your account. 

Holiday Routing is an add-on feature that allows you to direct calls to alternate lines that may be available just for the holiday, record a voicemail greeting suitable for a specific occasion, or temporarily divert calls to a queue that will operate during the holiday. This route exists outside the non-working hours routing and can be enabled selectively. To add this feature to your account, please write to support@freshcaller.com. The steps to activate this feature (once it's available in your account) are given below:

1. To configure the behavior of a phone number during holidays, click on Rules in the Admin menu and select the number associated with the business hours that you added the holiday calendar to. 

2. Select Action (During Holidays) and choose where you would like to direct the customer:

  • Send to Call Queue
  • Send to IVR Menu
  • Send to Voicemail
  • Hang up

3. Depending on the option you choose, you can specify which call queue, IVR menu, voicemail, or hang up message the customer will hear. By configuring these settings, you can ensure that your customers reach the right agents within your organization or leave a message for you to act on after the holidays.