When faced with a system breakdown or software crash, employees of an organization immediately seek help over a phone call. To make such an experience less strenuous for both the agent and the employee we’ve integrated Freshcaller and Freshservice, the ITSM tool powered by Freshworks.

From where can you initiate this integration?

This integration is a one-way integration that can be initiated only from Freshservice. 

Who can successfully setup this integration?

You need to be an admin/account admin in both your Freshcaller and Freshservice accounts to initiate this integration. 

Make sure that you use the same email address to log in to both the accounts.

How to integrate your Freshcaller and Freshservice accounts?

  1. Log in as an admin into Fresh service. Open your Admin Settings > Support channels > Phone.

  2. Now you’ll see two options to choose from — Create a new account (or) Connect to your existing Freshcaller account.

  3. Once you choose either of the options and follow the steps and cues, your accounts will be integrated successfully.

    1. Create a new account:

      1. Once you click on this option, a new Freshcaller account with a placeholder domain URL is created for you.

      2. Now use the “Manage your Freshcaller account” option to setup your new Freshcaller account. On clicking the option, you’ll be directed to your Freshcaller login form.

    2. Connect to your existing Freshcaller account:

      1. After you click on this option, a Freshcaller login form asking your Freshcaller account URL, email address and password for same account comes up. 

      2. Once you’ve given the right credentials, you can click on Continue. Now, you’ll see your Freshcaller account’s domain URL listed inside the current window. 

  4. Once this is done, you'll see an option to associate your existing IT agents as Freshcaller phone agents. You just have to key in your IT agent's name. And add all agents who need access to the Freshcaller widget inside your Freshservice account.

  5. You can also add new agents and give them access to the Freshcaller phone widget by clicking on Admin Settings > General Settings > Agents > New Agent.

For all Freshcaller admin related settings, click on Manage your Freshcaller account. This will take you to your Freshcaller account.

How to create a new Freshservice account?

For those of you who already have a Freshcaller account but have been using another ITSM tool, and wish to try out Freshservice, you can reach out to 

You can also understand how this integration works and the data gets synced between both the accounts.

Learn more.