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Agents/Reps often spend a lot of time recording the same message while leaving voicemails, this time could be better spent having meaningful conversations with customers. 

With Freshcaller’s voicemail drop feature, you can pre-record messages and choose a message to be dropped if the call goes to voicemail. 

Any user in Freshcaller — be it an agent, supervisor or admin can record and drop voicemails.

How to upload a pre-recorded message:

To upload a pre-recorded message:

  1. Go to the ‘Voicemail drop’ tab by clicking on the voicemail icon

  2. Click on ‘New Voicemail Drop’ to record a new message.

  3. You can choose to:

    1. Record your own message

    2. Upload a .mp3 file

    3. Convert Text to speech — you can choose either a male or female voice to read your message

  4. Click on ‘Add Voicemail’ to add the message

  5. It will now be listed in the list of voicemail drop messages

Dropping a pre-recorded message while on a call inside Freshcaller:

While on a call, simply click on the voicemail button and choose from the list of pre-recorded messages to drop.

Dropping a voicemail inside Freshdesk phone widget 

1. Click on the voicemail drop icon 

2. Choose a voicemail from the list of voicemails to drop 

3. Your voicemail would be sent once you have chosen the message to be dropped. Also, note that your call will end once you have chosen a message.