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Calling a prospect or an existing customer using your phone system should be extremely quick and seamless. With the Click to Call Chrome extension you no more need to copy-paste a number to the  Freshcaller widget from an external website to place a call.

Any phone number listed on the website that you are on can be dialed with just a click using this extension.

Let’s see how to enable the Click to Call extension.

  1. Go to the chrome web store and search for “ - Click to Call”. Or even easier, just click on this link to the extension page.

  2. Once you land on the extension webpage, click on the Add to Chrome button to download the extension.

  3. A successful download adds the extension icon on your chrome toolbar alongside your other extensions.

  4. To begin with, you need to unlock the extension first.

  5. Click on the extension icon. A window asking you to Sign In or Create an Account comes up.

  6. Once you’ve signed in or created a  Freshcaller account, you will notice the lock symbol on the extension icon disappears.

  7. Now, on most websites that you visit, you can see the phone numbers being highlighted as hyperlinks in Fuschia with the Freshcaller logo beside the phone number.

  8. To call any of these highlighted numbers, just click on the number. 

  9. The Freshcaller phone widget pops up with the phone number prefilled for you to make the call.



  • Ensure that the right country code is prefixed before clicking on the call button

  • Minimize the phone widget for convenience


These calls get logged into the Call Metrics tab as usual.

Additional Customizable Extension Options

Apart from the basic settings, you can also enable some additional extension capabilities.

To access these options,

  1. Right-click on the extension icon. Go to Options.

  2. On the window that opens up, you can choose to enable or disable the following settings.

    • Advanced Phone Number Detection
      You can enable this option if you want all the numbers listed on a webpage to be highlighted (Enabling this might slow down some webpages.)

    • Exclude Websites
      You can choose to disable the extension on certain websites(for ex., internal use sites) where you don’t want the phone numbers to be highlighted by listing them one by one under this option. Make sure that you type in the website URLs (one on each line only) that you want to blacklist in the text box present.  

    • Show Freshcaller Logo

                        You can choose to not display the logo against the highlighted numbers by enabling this option.