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Who can configure?

Only users with an Admin or Account Admin role can set up an agent extension workflow. Users with an Agent role can edit or disable their own extensions 

Adding agent extensions to your call workflow enables your callers to reach specific agents of choice directly without navigating an IVR. 

  1. Login to Freshcaller and click on Admin > Call Workflow 

  2. Choose New Agent Extension Flow from the options shown as in the screenshot below

Once you click on ‘New Agent extensions flow’ you will be taken to the following screen. If you are unable to click and create a new extension flow, it is possible that you are on a lower plan and need to upgrade your account to get access to this feature

Follow these steps to configure your Agent extensions menu:

  1. Enter your Agent extension flow name 

  2. Play message — this is the message that will be played to your callers. Make sure the message played gives out clear instructions that they should input a 4 digit extension after the welcome message. A default welcome message with relevant content - “Thanks for calling us. Please dial the 4 digit extension after you hear a  beep to speak to a specific agent. To speak to any available agent, please press *  will be created and set as default

TIP: Check our library article to learn more about creating messages.

  1. Configure the “Call handling rules” to ensure you take the right actions for all the possible call outcomes

  2. In ‘If the agent is not available’ decide what action to take if the agent mapped to the extension number is not currently available for answering the call. Freshcaller gives you the ability to create easy exit routes for your callers. You can move the call to a different queue or request the caller to leave a voicemail before hanging up.

  3. In ‘If the agent is busy’ , decide what action to take if the agent is currently on another call. The recommended option is to move the customer to a call queue with this agent and enable the wait queue.

  4. In the options where the “customer does not give a valid input”, configure the message you want to play to the customer and the number of times you want to wait for the customer to provide an input. Also decide the action you would like to take when the customer fails to provide an input after multiple prompts.


Set up a number with agent extensions 

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Numbers and select the number you want to map your agent extension flow to.

  2. Click on “Edit” icon and switch to the “Call Actions” tab. There will be an option to Send to  “Agent extension flow”. 

  3. Select the name of the agent extension and “save” your changes

Editing extension numbers

  1. For all accounts where agent extensions is enabled, a default extension number will be displayed for agents to use if necessary. 
  2. Agents can edit this extension number from the profile settings section

Admins can review the list of extensions assigned to agents from the Admin-> Agents section. Admins will not be able to edit the extension.