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The Freschaller IVR customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) allows you to capture customer feedback via an IVR call flow. It is a tool that enables end customers to assess customer services provided on call. Note that receiving IVR customer feedback can be used for inbound calls only. Also, this feature is available for Estate customers only on request.

With Freshcaller IVR CSAT feature, you can set up a feedback survey that prompts at the end of a call. For example, “How would you rate the service provided? Press 1 if you are happy. Press 2 if you are unhappy”. 

You can view the captured customer responses in the call metrics section. Capturing these responses provide insights on customer and business analytics and help you understand how good, or bad your product, service, or business is. Some benefits of receiving customer feedback are:

  • Receiving real-time customer feedback
  • Identifying areas of improvement for your business or product 
  • Analyzing agent productivity

Configuring IVR CSAT

To receive customer feedback after each inbound call, configure the initial setup required. This involves:

  1. Creating CSAT messages
  2. Setting up IVR call flow
  3. Linking IVR CSAT call flow to your call queue

Creating CSAT Messages/Questions

This step is similar to creating a welcome message or a hold message for a call flow. 

A CSAT message should ideally include a welcome message followed by the actual question you want to have in the survey. For example, “Your feedback is important to us. Press 1 if you are happy. Press 2 if you are unhappy”. For instructions on creating messages, check How to create customized messages and greetings.

Note: Currently, you can have only one question in your IVR CSAT survey. Support for multiple questions is coming in the next release.

Setting up IVR CSAT Call Flow

Once the CSAT message is created, set up the IVR CSAT call flow.

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Call Flows.

  3. Click on the New Basic IVR option and enter the following details.

  4. IVR Menu Name: Enter a valid name for the CSAT IVR menu.

  5. Play Message: Select the play message for your CSAT survey. Make sure you already have a message created for this. This message should include a welcome message and the actual survey question.
  6. Keypress/Action: Select the keypress option and the corresponding action. The keypress will be the input/response given by the caller for the survey question.
    Note: Currently, for an IVR CSAT call flow, you can configure only a Hangup action. Though you can still select other actions, it is not considered valid.
  7. After N Repeats: Enter the number of times you want to repeat the CSAT message. Also, select the action to be performed if no valid input is given.

Link IVR CSAT Flow to Call Queue

Once you configure the IVR CSAT call flow, it must be linked to an existing call queue in your Freshcaller account. For now, this will be done by a Freshcaller admin. Also, since the linking is enabled at an account level, you can have only one IVR call flow linked to all your call queues.


To enable the IVR CSAT feature for your account, contact us.

Receiving CSAT Feedback

IVR CSAT surveys are triggered once you end an inbound call.

  1. The following notification appears each time you hang up an inbound call:
  2. Select Transfer call for feedback

Once you transfer the call for feedback, customers can use the keypress options to provide feedback.

Viewing CSAT Responses

Based on the captured responses, Freshcaller adds columns relevant to CSAT feedback in the Call Metrics section. However, for now, you can view the columns when you export and download the metrics table.

The list of columns added for IVR CSAT are:

  • Csat Transfer Made: Tells you if the call was transferred for feedback

  • Csat Outcome: The response (keypress) received from the customer

  • Csat Time: The time the customer spent to give feedback. This is calculated from the time the call is transferred to the CSAT survey until the call disconnects.

For instructions on exporting the call metrics table, check Filters and Export.