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A voicebot responds instantly whenever a customer calls a smart answer call flow enabled number. For this reason, voicebot conversations do not have the following metrics. However, if the call is transferred to a call queue, voicemail, or IVR, the respective metrics are still applicable. 

  • Ringing time
  • IVR time
  • Hold duration
  • Call work time
  • Queue duration
  • Wait time
  • Callback time
  • Currently, the voicebot calls are not included under the Call Type filter option. For this reason, filtering calls based on smart answer voicebot type is not possible.
  • When you export the call metrics, you will see the voicebot's name as the agent name.
  • Since the smart answer bot responds immediately, the service level breached metrics are not applicable for voicebot conversations. This means that the initial voicebot conversations always meet the service level target.
  • The Abandoned (Answer Bot) reason is a new abandoned type added for voicebot calls. 
  • Check the Call Metrics article to see how other metrics vary for a voicebot call.

In addition to the existing metrics, you will see the following changes in the Live dashboard and the Call metrics section with respect to voicebot calls.

Live Dashboard

You can now view the voicebot conversations with the bot name instead of the agent name or queue name.

Call Metrics

Under the Call Metrics tab, you can now see the voicebot transcript recorded during the voicebot call. To view the transcript, click on the transcript icon. Note that the transcript contains only the conversation handled by the bot.

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