Who can access the call metrics tab? 

Every user be it an agent, supervisor, admin or account admin can access call metrics. 


How to use the call metrics tab?

You can view various metrics on a single screen using the call metrics tab, you can view all the calls made, the wait times, handle times, amount spent on each call, listen to recording and do much more. 


You can perform the following actions in the call metrics tab: 

  1. Click on the eye icon to view the various call metrics associated with a call. 

  2. Customer, Assigned to and Cost is always displayed in the metrics tab. You can choose to view up to four metrics at a time apart from the ones displayed in your call metrics tab. 

  3. A small tick appears next to the metric you have chosen.

  1. There are two types of metrics — basic and advanced. 

NOTE: Advanced call metrics are available only from Blossom plan 

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  1. You can also apply filters to your call metrics, by clicking on ‘Filter’, filters help cut down the clutter and give you exactly what you are looking for.

  2. You can also export your call metrics as a CSV or Excel file by clicking on ‘Export’ and choosing your preferred option. 

TIP: Learn to export and apply filters in our article — Exporting and Applying Filters 

  1. Search notes: You can search for call metrics based on call notes that your agents have add to their conversations from the search bar that's there right on top of the page above the metrics.

  1. When a call has been transferred to other agents one or more times, you will be able to see it below the call status along with a timestamp and the number of times the call was transferred.