Freshcaller comes with 4 distinct pricing/subscription plans, each stacked with a number of features. You can choose the one that best suits your business. 

You can also check our pricing page for a complete pricing plan comparison.  

Free Local Incoming Minutes

Freshcaller provides free local incoming minutes from Pro+ plan. Each subscription plan has a specific number of free local incoming call minutes that expire at the end of each month. For more details, see 
Overview of Free Local Incoming Minutes

Plan Name
Features Available
Yearly/Monthly Cost ($)

Buy Local/Toll-free numbersBuy international numbers from over 90 countries. You can also choose to buy toll-free or vanity numbers based on your needs. Read more.

Inbound Caller ID

Receive notifications for your inbound calls and get to see your caller's name, company, and phone number.Free
Desktop NotificationsReceive call notifications from Freshcaller on your desktop.
Call NotesAdd supporting notes during or after the call.
Call MetricsView a detailed summary of each call recorded in your call center that helps you understand your agent's performance, business process, and customer interaction. The basic metrics that you can view are:
  • Customer name/number
  • Call direction
  • Assigned to/agent name
  • Frescaller Number
  • Billing Duration/Billing Time
  • Call Time
  • Call ID
  • Call Type/Call Status
  • Call Notes (if added)
  • Wait Time
  • Handle Time
  • Short Abandon
  • Call cost
  • Transfer Count
  • Team Name
Read more.
Free + The following additional features
Call queue without smart escalation
  • Assign all incoming calls to a specific agent, team, or external number

  • Select fallback actions

  • Enable wait queue settings

Read more


Number Porting

Port your number to Freshcaller from any existing cloud telephony provider. Read more.

Call Masking

Mask your business number with your personal phone number. Read more.

Ringtone Customisation

Create customized ringtone for each number in your account. Read more.

Forward to Phone

Forward your incoming calls to your personal phone by changing your status. Read more.

Hold Music Customisation

Create a customized hold music for each number. Read more.

Click to Call Extension

Use this feature to directly call a number on any website without having to copy/paste to the  widget. Read more.

Wait queues

  • Place callers in a wait queue if the agents are busy. You can also append the wait queue position to your wait message

  • Customize the number of callers (queue size*) in the wait queue as well as the time for which a caller can be in the wait queue

*Queue Size

*Queue Time

Read more.

Team Routing

In addition to routing calls to agents, you can route the call to a specific team.

External Number Routing

Route all your calls to any external number. When you set up a call queue, you can use the dialer to enter the external number.

Warm Transfer

While transferring your call to another agent, give the agent context on the customer's queries before taking over the call. Read more.

Call Metrics Export

Select and export the metrics from the call metrics table based on your needs. Read more.


Create custom voicemail greetings and let customers leave you messages when your agents are unavailable. Read more.

Voicemail Drop

Record messages and choose a message to be dropped if an outgoing call goes to voicemail. Read more.

Voicemail Transcription

You can see the voicemails recorded during a call conversation as transcripts in the Call metrics table.

Call Recording

Make sure quality standards are being met and use recordings to train new agents.

Business Hours

Notify your customers if they call you outside business hours and decide what action to take. Read more.
Curated Reports:

  • Agent performance report: Gain insight into the performance of every agent — know their calls, wait times, handle times, speed of answer and more. 

  • Call center health report: Get a complete overview of how your call center is doing at a glance with this curated report.

Read more.

Growth + The following additional features

Bring Your Own Carrier (B.Y.O.C)

Use a phone number provided by an external carrier without losing the functional benefits of Freshcaller. Read more.39/47
After Call WorkAssign After call work time for agents. The agents can use this time to fill in notes and add call details after a call is over.
Pause RecordingsChoose to record and pause calls anytime during an ongoing call. Read more.
IVR (phone trees)Set up an IVR tree and route your customer calls to teams or agents with a customizable call flow mechanism. Each keypress can be configured to trigger an action to optimize your call flow.  Read more.
Advanced Call Queues
  • Assign calls not just to agents but also to teams/groups.
  • Place callers in wait queue

Agent ExtensionsConfigure agent extensions to allow your end customers to reach agents directly without navigating through an entire call flow or IVR. Read more
Smart EscalationsCreate a nested call queue. With this, you can send a caller from one call queue to another call queue when agents cannot attend them.
Read more.
Non-Business Hours Routing
SIP connectionsConnect an IP enabled external phone device with your Freshcaller account and forward your calls to the external phone. Read more
Call MonitoringAs an admin or supervisor of your account, monitor your agent's call. Read more.
Team ScopingControl and restrict the range of data your supervisors can see in your account. Read more.
Call volume analysis (curated report)With this report, you can understand the trend of calls in your call center, know when you receive maximum calls and when they are lowest and plan accordingly. Read more.
Build Your Own ReportsIn addition to the default curated reports available, create customized reports using the available widgets based on your business needs. Read more.
Schedule ReportsSchedule reports and receive them on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.
Conference CallingInitiate a conference call with another agent and solve customer queries without having to escalate or transfer.  Read more.

Holiday Calendar

Set up and add holidays in your business hours. Read more.
Holiday RoutingConfigure holidays and decide what action to take when you receive calls during holidays. Read more.
Call Recording Opt-outEnable or disable call recording based on the customer’s consent. Read more.
CallbackEnable the callback feature available within the wait queue settings. This allows a caller to opt for callback instead of waiting in the queue. Read more.
Call Center Agent StatusesConfigure custom agent status and allow your agents to choose the status based on their availability. Read more.
Call BargingBarge into calls in real-time and improve your call resolution rates.
Advanced Call MetricsView advanced call metrics such as IVR time, bot transcripts. 
Agent Activity Report (curated report)This report provides information about the activity status of all agents in your call center. The data gives the total time duration of each agent status. Read more.
EnterprisePro + The following additional features

Omnichannel routing

Experience our multiple integrated customer support tools to have a seamless interaction.69/83
Abandoned Call MetricsGet to know the reason behind why a call is abandoned.
Service Level MonitoringSet target service levels and expected threshold limit for time to answer calls. Measure your team’s efficiency based on the target levels and threshold set. Read more.
Service Level Report (Curated)This report provides information about the number of calls in the service level category, which includes the calls that breached the service level targets and the calls that are within the service level. Read more.
Speech-enabled IVRLet your callers converse in a natural language and avoid the hassle of navigating through long and complicated key-press IVR menus. Read more.
Voicebot Voicebot provides instant and precise answers to your caller's most frequently asked questions and intelligently routes the calls based on the call flow configured. Read more.

*The queue size and wait queue time change based on your pricing plan
Pro: Queue size = 20, Wait time = 15 minutes

Growth and Enterprise: Unlimited queue size and extended wait time