This article provides details of the free local incoming call minutes for calls attended on browsers, applicable across Freshcaller subscription plans. For a general description of Freshcaller pricing, check Freshcaller Pricing Plans.

Each subscription plan has a specific number of free local incoming call minutes that expire at the end of each month. Once you exhaust the free minutes given in a month, you will be charged a flat rate of USD 0.013/minute. 

Note: The free minutes are not available in the Sprout plan.





1000 mins/month

2000 mins/month

3000 mins/month

5000 mins/month

This article includes the following sections:

Countries/Regions Supported

The free incoming minutes apply to local incoming calls (attended on browsers) received in phone numbers purchased in the countries across US, Canada, EU (including UK), and ANZ.

BarbadosGreecePuerto Rico
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Cayman Islands

Czech RepublicMaltaUnited Kingdom
CzechiaNetherlandsUnited States
DenmarkNew Zealand

Viewing Details in Call Metrics

When you have free incoming minutes, the call charges for the incoming call duration will be deducted from the free minutes and you may have to pay only the remaining call cost (cost for recording or voicemail). You can see the cost payable in the Call Summary tab in the Call Metrics section.

For example, if you have call recording enabled and your call duration is 2 minutes, the cost payable will show the amount payable excluding the charges incurred for 2 minutes, which means, you will only have to pay the cost for recording and other charges.


  1. How will I know the call charges when I have free minutes?
    You can see this information in the Call Summary tab in the Call Metrics section. The cost payable field gives you the call cost after deducting the charges for the incoming call from your free minutes.

  2. Does this plan include voicemail and voicemail transcripts?
    No, it includes only Incoming calls.

  3. Will the call cost (billing cost) for all these calls be shown as $0 even if it involves additional features like barging, recording, transfers, etc?
    No, the call cost is different from cost payable.
    The cost payable shows the amount payable after deducting the
    call charges from free minutes. However, the call cost shows the charges for calling and additional features (transfers, conference, recording, voicemail, voicemail transcripts, etc) used.

  4. If I have phone credits to buy numbers, will the system use the free minutes first and then move to phone credits for call charges? 
    No, free minutes are used only for incoming call charges for the numbers listed in the table above.

  5. When will the flat rate of USD 0.013 apply?
    Once you exhaust the free minutes in a month, the flat rates apply.

  6. Is the flat rate inclusive of all prefixes/all types of numbers for incoming calls? 

  7. Once the free minutes are exhausted, can I recharge/activate the free minutes? 
    No. The free minutes are added to your account each month based on your subscription plan. Once you exhaust the minutes, you will be charged a flat rate of USD 0.013.

  8. Does the list of countries/regions mentioned in the article include only numbers purchased directly from Twilio?
    No, this also includes the numbers you ported.

  9. If I have free minutes left at the end of a month, will it be carried forward to the next month?
    No, free minutes cannot be carried forward to the next month. Based on your subscription plan, free minutes will be added to your account at the beginning of each month.