Applicable plans: Blossom, Garden, Estate

In Freshcaller you get built in curated reports, these are reports that have been crafted keeping in mind the most important metrics used my call centers across the world to monitor the performance of their phone teams. 

All curated reports can be identified with a tag that reads 'Curated' against the name of the report.

TIP: If you are a Garden or Estate plan user, you can customize your curated reports too! Clone any curated report you wish to customize and then make changes to them. 

There are four curated reports available in Freshcaller:

  1. Call summary report

  2. Agent performance report

  3. Call center health report 

  4. Call volume analysis  

Before getting into the details of each report, let’s look at the filters that can be applied for each of these reports. Within Freshcaller you have a variety of metrics by which you can filter your reports —

  1. Click on any of the curated reports and select the filter icon 
  2. By default all the reports are filtered for the last 30 days. Click on ‘Add filter’ to add a new filter
  3. Given below are the different metrics on which calls can be filtered —



    What it means


    The total duration of any call. It also includes IVR time, call transfer time, etc in addition to the duration of the call that an agent handles.

    Hold time

    The total time that a call was put on hold/wait.


    Calls that were made and received from a number that had specific digits.


    Incoming or outgoing calls


    Abandoned, completed, no-answer, voicemail, etc

    Handle time

    Talk time + Hold time + ACW

    ACW time

    After call work time is the time that the agent takes to fill in notes, add the details of the call, etc after he/she ends a call.


    The number of transferred calls.

    Wait time

    IVR time + Wait queue time

    Abandonment reason

    The specific point of the call journey where the call was abandoned by the customer - while in IVR, Call queue, Ringing or Wait queue.

    Short abandon

    All abandoned calls that were abandoned within the short abandon time period.

    IVR time

    Total time of the call spent on an IVR menu.

    Customer number

    All calls that were made or received for a customer’s number with a specific set of digits.

    Time Period

    The specific time period for which you want the report to be generated — last week, month, quarter, year or custom.

    Business hours

    Filter calls based on whether they arrived during or after your business hours. 

    Speed to answer

    The time taken to answer(pick) a call.

    Company Name

    View all your calls from a certain company.

    Transfer Type 

    Whether the call transfer was cold or warm 

    Service level breached

    Filter based on whether the service level was breached or met.  


    View all calls belonging to a certain queue. 


    Filter calls based on the team that handled it. 


    View all calls that were attended by a certain agent. 

  4. While applying filter you can choose to match either all or any of the filters. If you choose to match ‘all’ then only those calls which meet all your filters will be shown, if you choose ‘any’ then calls which meet any one of your filters will be shown. Advanced and Basic filters:
    1. You can switch between either Advanced or Basic filters. By default basic filters are selected.

    2. This would be your screen when you switch to advanced filters — 
    3. Notice the AND in every filter this means that only calls that meet every filter would displayed, you can change the match ‘all’ to ‘any’ this would change AND to OR meaning that calls that meet any of the filters will be displayed 
    4. The main advantage will advanced filters is that you can add filter groups, click on the ‘Add filter group’ button to add a new filter group.
    5. Notice the ‘AND’ connecting two filter groups, you can change this to ‘OR’ by changing the match ‘all’ to ‘any’. AND means only calls that meet the criteria of both the filter groups will be displayed, OR means calls that meet the criteria of any of the filter groups will be displayed. 
    6. Click on Apply to save your filter. 


1. Call Summary Report 

As the name suggests, this report gives you a summary of calls handled by providing you with information such as total number of incoming and outgoing calls, their duration, queue wise call distribution, calls handled per agent and more. 

  1. By default the call summary report is curated for the last 30 days. 

  2. The following information is available in the call summary report —

    1. Incoming calls by status — Get pin point information as to whether the incoming calls were answered, abandoned, completed or sent to voicemail. 

    2. Outgoing calls by status — Know the total number of outgoing calls for the time period and see the complete breakdown on whether it was answered, cancelled or completed.

    3. Answered vs missed transfers — Get information on whether the transfers were missed or answered. 

    4. Incoming calls by queue —Know the number of incoming calls in each queue 

    5. Average handle time by queue —Gives the average handle time of each queue 

    6. Total duration of calls  — Know the total duration of your incoming and outgoing calls separately. 

    7. Average wait time — Be informed on the average time of each of your queues.

2. Agent Performance Report:

The overall performance of your call center depends on the individual performance of your agents. This report gives you some handpicked widgets that’ll help you clearly identify agent-related bottlenecks and fix them at the earliest.

  1. By default the agent performance report is curated for the last 30 days.

  2. The following information is provided in the agent performance report:

    1. Incoming calls by agents

    2. Outgoing calls by agents 

    3. Missed calls by agents 

    4. After call work time by agents 

    5. Speed of answer by agents 

    6. Handle time by agents

3. Call Center health Report:

Know the performance of your call center at a glance with the call center health report, it is packed with vital metrics that will allow you to understand the performance of your call center within no time.

  1. By default it is curated for the last 30 days. 

  2. The following information is provided in the call center health report:

    1. Total incoming calls

    2. Total outgoing calls 

    3. Total missed calls 

    4. Total abandoned calls 

    5. Total transfer 

    6. Total missed transfers 

    7. Total voicemails

    8. Average handle time of calls 

    9. Average wait time of calls 

4.Call Volume Analysis

This report gives you information on the number of calls that were handled, it gives a complete picture by providing you with the trend of calls arriving every month,week, day and hour wise. 

  1. By default the report is curated for the last one year. 

  2. The following information is available in the Call Volume Analysis report —

    1. Grouped by Direction: Whether incoming or outgoing

      1. Call volume trend by month 

      2. Call volume trend by day of the month 

      3. Call volume trend by day of the week 

      4. Call volume trend by hour of the day

    2. Grouped by type: Whether the call was completed, unanswered, abandoned, canceled or sent to voicemail

      1. Call outcome by day of the week

      2. Call outcome by day of the month

      3. Call outcome by hour of the day