We offer four pricing plans: 

All prices are billed yearly. 

Sprout: Agent Licensing — 0$ + call charges 

  • Buy Local/toll-free numbers: Buy international numbers from over 90 countries, you may also choose to buy toll-free or vanity numbers depending on your needs. 

  • Basic call queues: 

    • Assign all incoming calls to a specific agent

    • Set the call queue action as "hang-up" when the call is not answered by the agents

  • Custom Greetings: Create custom messages for your callers for different scenarios.

Blossom: Agent Licensing — 19$ + call charges 

  • Advanced call queues: 

    • Assign calls not just to agents but also to teams/groups.
    • Place callers in a wait queue if the agents are busy. You can also append the wait queue position to your wait message

    • Customize the number of callers in the wait queue as well as the time for which a caller can be in the wait queue 

    • Set the call queue action as send to voicemail, in addition, to hang up if the agents are busy or not answering. 

  • Call Metrics: It tracks all the key metrics reflecting the entire lifetime of the call. Admins can easily assess the performance of agents, your business processes, customer interactions at every stage of the call and optimize them. The metrics that can be viewed are:

    • Wait time

    • Handle time

    • Billing time 

    • Short Abandon 

  • Reports: These are curated reports that help you analyze the performance of your call center:

    • Call summary Report: Shows number of incoming and outgoing calls, Average handle time, wait times and total duration of calls. 
    • Agent performance report: Gain insight into the performance of every agent — know their calls, wait times, handle times, speed of answer and more. 

    • Call center health report: Get a complete overview of how your call center is doing at a glance with this curated report. 

    • Call volume analysis: Understand the trend of calls in your call center, know when you receive maximum calls and when they are lowest and plan accordingly. 

  • Live Dashboard: View all your ongoing calls, wait queues and agent availability at a glance. You can manage your call center effectively at all times no matter where your team is located. 

  • Business hours: Notify your customers when they call you outside business hours and decide what action to take. 

  • Call Masking: Mask your business number with your personal phone number and give your conversations a personal touch. 

  • Call Recording: Make sure quality standards are being met and use recordings to train new agents. 

  • Interactive Voice Response: The interactive voice response system (IVR) lets you route your customer calls to teams or agents with a customizable call flow mechanism. Every keypress can be configured to trigger an action to optimize your call flow. For example, you could have your customer calls forwarded to your Support team when they press 1 and to somebody from Sales when they press 2. 

  • SIP Connection: SIP helps you connect an IP enabled external phone device with your Freshcaller account. You can forward your calls coming into Freschaller to ring on your external phone.

  • Voicemail: Configure custom voicemail greetings and let customers leave you messages when your agents are unavailable or on a holiday. 

Garden: Agent licensing — 40$ + call charges 

  • After call work time: Assign After call work time for agents 

  • Call Barging: Barge into calls in real time and improve your call resolution rates. 

  • Conference Calling: All queries may not be solvable by one agent, bring in another agent and solve customer queries without having to escalate or transfer. 

  • Custom Reports: Create your own reports apart from the built-in reports offered in Freshcaller. 

  • Smart Escalations: Smart escalations are a sequence of configurations based on a set of conditions and rules. They let you route calls to another team, queue, voicemail or even an external number when agents are unable to attend them.

  • Warm transfer: Let the agent know about the problem by talking to them, this given them context before they speak to the customer.

Estate: Agent licensing — 59$ + call charges 

  • Service level monitoring: Service Level Monitoring is a way to measure your phone team’s efficiency based on the time taken by each agent to answer customer calls. As a business, you can set a percentage target service level and an expected threshold time to answer a call and monitor your teams to see if they meet these standards using Freshcaller.

  • Abandoned Call metrics: Abandoned calls are calls that were disconnected before any conversation was initiated by your team. View the number of calls that were abandoned and use it to make crucial changes to your phone system.  

  • Holiday Routing: Configure holidays and decide what action to take when you receive calls during holidays — Send to a call queue, voicemail or hangup. 

You can also check our pricing page for a complete pricing plan comparison.